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This page describes various conventions used throughout the CPUDev Wiki. They have been defined in order to provide consistency.

Page and Section Titles

Titles should as concise and precise as possible.

The first letter of each word in the title is, except for certain subsets (particularly articles and short prepositions and conjunctions), capitalised. The rest of letters should be lowercase. Words are separated with one space. There are exceptions to these rules though.

Header Styles

The highest-level headers should be defined with two ='s on each side of the title. Each consecutive level should add one more = on each side. There should be one space between the ='s and the title. Before and after each header there should be one empty line.

Edit Summaries

A person contributing changes should fill the summary field in so other contributors can understand more efficiently what was changed on the page. Obviously, the text in the summary field should be as descriptive as possible.

Code Inclusion

Multiline code included in the article should be enclosed with <syntaxhighlight> and </syntaxhighlight>. As a matter of formatting, each starting and ending <syntaxhighlight> tag should be on separate lines and an empty line should be before the starting <syntaxhighlight> and after the ending </syntaxhighlight>.

Category Reference

Categories should be referenced at the start of each article. Each referenced category should be in its own line. There should be no empty line before, between or after the categories, as this introduces ugly whitespace above the page.

Template Inclusion

Template:In Progress

Should be used for pages that are incomplete but actively in progress.


Should be used for pages that are incomplete and not actively in progress.